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We know how to take complex topics and communicate them broadly without losing the integrity of the research or message.

Our specialist publishers, journalists and designers will work with you to create print, digital, online stories, series and publications that help you stand out against competitors and increase your profile across key audiences.

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Online
  • Social Media
  • Search-Engine Optimised
  • Video and Animations



We are highly experienced at working with researchers, government and corporates in creating strategic corporate and marketing plans.

We take the time to understand your business objectives and the audiences you are seeking to reach and influence.

Our team are highly experienced both at understanding research and finding the stories that appeal to a variety of audiences, including the media.




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Communications is more complex than it has ever been. You are no longer trying to just engage with the media; you now need to have a strategy that encompasses online and social media across a variety of audiences.

We specialise in reputation management and awareness for organisations and individuals across traditional and new media.

  • Media and PR - traditional and social media
  • Profiling and Reputation Audits
  • Media and Presentation Training
  • Speech Writing and Presentation Development
  • Award submissions
  • Event Moderation and Content Creation





Your reputation is your most powerful asset and now’s the time to take control of yours and optimise it and your career. 

We coach researchers and executives on their personal brand, traditional and social media strategy, career path and navigation between industry and academia.

  • Amplify your online profile
  • Learn how to clearly articulate what it is you do and why it matters
  • Stand out as a leader
  • Optimise your chances of attracting funding


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We are expert at creating highly effective STEM education, careers guides and outreach programs that inspire young people to study and take careers in STEM.

  • Promoting Women in STEM
  • Primary and Secondary teacher and student education products in print, digital, online or apps.
  • Career and Course Guides tailored to your organisation
  • Marketing to schools
  • Distribution to schools and science teachers




Our strong network of contacts across both the State and Federal political spheres allow us to unlock doors and knowledge for our clients so that traction is gained as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Current Relationship Audit
  • Collateral Development
  • Engagement Matrix Development
  • Communications and key message identification and roll-out
  • Briefings of key policy advisers, departmental targets and relevant politicians

Kylie Ahern
CEO and Co-founder STEM Matters

Co-founder, COSMOS Media

M: +61 (0)416 196 942

Kylie is an award-winning STEM publisher and entrepreneur with experience that spans media, telecommunications, science and education.

In 2004 Kylie co-founded Cosmos Media and launched Australia's top-selling science magazine, Cosmos. The company was recognised through 54 awards and commendations for the high quality of its publications, websites, science outreach programs, publishing and journalism.

Kylie created educational products - teachers notes, study guides, posters, career guides -  to which 70% of Australia’s high schools and hundreds of overseas subscribed to reach more than 130,000 students. She transitioned the business from print to multiple media platforms with Apple naming it among its ‘Best of 2012’ app launches

Since selling Cosmos Media in 2013, she has been consulting for various organisations including the Nature Publishing Group,  and the Queensland Brain Institute and Cosmos for Schools.


Examples of work...


Appointed to build Nature's presence in Australia, with responsibility for the strategic planning, launch and business development for a wide range of global products targeting the science and research sector in Australia and New Zealand. This included the Nature Masterclasses, Nature Outlooks, Nature Partner Journals and the Nature's Australia and NZ custom publishing division.

A major focus of the role was to identify and capitalise on local and global market gaps in the secondary and tertiary education, government, research and corporate sectors in science to re-position and turn around the profitability and grow the revenue base of the company’s key businesses.

On my own initiative I developed, Nature's Asia-Pacific careers guide and an education strategy for Scientific American.

I have also developed two symposiums. The first one was in 2014 on Research Assessment followed shortly by a Nature supplement distributed globally. In 2016, I was commissioned by the Nature Publishing Group to develop a second symposium on Research Innovation and Translation This brought together industry, government and academia to provide recommendations on how we can improve industry and research collaboration. My role was to design the structure and content for the day including identifying topics, relevant speakers and panelists.  This involved meeting with corporates across a range of industries, key government figures and funding agencies to capture their input and involvement for the symposium.


Developed the marketing and content strategy including the resourcing and implementation plan for the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI). The strategy aimed to build awareness of QBI research, audience to the website and social media and donations from the public, corporates and philanthropic organisations.
Worked with the Director of the QBI and the Nature Publishing Group on the launch of the Nature Partner Journal Science of Learning (NPJ Science of Learning) to both the academic and education community.

I conceived of and launched The Brain Series for QBI. A publication aimed at the general public and designed to position the QBI as the pre-eminent Australian research institute for brain research. Each issue focuses on a specific topic. The first issue was published in April on Concussion fully supported by a traditional and social media campaign (#nobrainnogame) and distributed national through the Australian Financial Review. I created the marketing, editorial, design and distribution strategy for the publication. Part of my work involved meeting with over 25 sporting associations to garner their support for the concussion campaign and QBI's concussion research.

The second edition - topic to be announced - is due out in early 2017.


COSMOS: winner of 47 awards since 2004, including the Magazine of the Year twice

COSMOS iPad edition: iMonitor ranked COSMOS the highest rated science magazine app globally (2012); highest rated science magazine by iTunes users, named by Apple Inc among its ‘Best of 2012’ app launches.

COSMOS Custom Media: A division producing a range of content for government, universities, corporate and research institutes including Colgate, the University of Melbourne, ANSTO, The Academy of Science, the Federal and South Australian Governments.

COSMOS Reload: a science app for 10-15 year olds.

COSMOS Online: a daily science news, features, science fiction and opinion website.  

COSMOS Education: A division creating school resources used as teaching material in classrooms locally and internationally. COSMOS reaches over 70% of Australian high schools, hundreds of schools internationally and over 130,000 students.

COSMOS Career Guides: Annual guides to undergraduate and post graduate courses in science, technology and engineering.

Green Lifestyle: Australia’s first mainstream environmental lifestyle print and online portal.

Hello from Earth – Web-based science awareness initiative for Australia’s National Science Week in 2009 which featured in 1,000 newspapers across the world and was linked to by 11,000 blogs.