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Cosmos was the first magazine globally to develop teaching material based around current news stories within the latest issue. We initiated this in 2005 by working directly with teachers to create the product offering and within a year of launch over 70% of high schools were subscribing to Cosmos.

By marrying the content from the latest issue of the magazine with teaching material linked to the curriculum, Cosmos become part of the classroom activity; a valuable adjunct to textbooks. Within a year, over 70% of Australian high schools were subscribing and actively using Cosmos and our teaching material in the classroom. From a school and teacher perspective the Cosmos secondary school product provided the nexus point between textbooks and real life science, research and discovery.

As schools started to embrace the concept of digital textbooks, we placed the entire archive of Cosmos Magazine in a digital format (re-designing each edition to be read easily on tablets, PCs or laptops) and created site licences for schools which in turn quadrupled the revenue from schools whilst simultaneously expanding the readership of Cosmos to over 130,000 students each issue.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Career Guides


Outreach - Hello from Earth


In 2010, we created the Ultimate Science Guide, a STEM career guide for secondary students and a Postgraduate STEM career guide for mid-career professionals. 

The guides were designed to showcase career options and courses available nationally and distributed via Cosmos and tailored channels whether they be schools, universities, museums and career fairs.

We also created bespoke career guides for universities.



To promote the International Year of Astronomy in 2009 the team at Cosmos Media created a web-based science awareness initiative for the Federal Government where we transmitted (via NASA) over 25,000 messages from all around the world to the nearest earth-like planet, Gliese 581d. Visitors to the site reached 254,620 in the 13 days the site collected messages, and visitors read 1.25 million pages; from the various messages left by participants to articles on exoplanets and astrobiology.

More than 1,000 newspapers, in scores of languages, reported the initiative and 9,917 blogs around the world discussed it and linked to the site; there were thousands of tweets in French, Russian, Indonesian and any other language you can image.

Custom Career Guides,
Posters, Education material



At Cosmos we wrote, edited, designed and distributed teachers notes, study guides, classroom posters, career guides and researcher profiles for universities, research institutes, government departments and corporates focused on reaching secondary school teachers and students.
The topics included farming, climate change, health, forensic science, nanotechnology and solar energy.  By combining editorial and teaching expertise, we ensured the quality and relevance of our material.